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  • Branch: Army
  • Hometown/City: LOOGOOTEE, IN
  • Date of Birth: 08-01-1951
  • Date of Death: 08-26-1970
  • Conflict: Vietnam
  • Unit:
  • Port/Base:

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  • "The Gold Star" They say it's not much, just a star. You can put it in your window, ... your car, ...or wear it on a pin. Not many will know what it is, less will understand. It's not really given to you like a medal. But you earned it, with what you lost. You paid for it with a thousand tears, a broken heart, and the sweetest of memories. They say it's not much, but it came with a folded flag. I look at it and can hear, my brother's voice once more. Their laughter echoes within me. They say it is not much, but to me.. it is so much more. I shall forever wear this Golden Star with pride for it reminds me of my brother.

    Karen Hickman, Sibling
  • Me and steve when we were just us

    My Brother and I in 1960-61. I loved him then I love him now. It never ends. Until we meet again Fox

    Karen Hickman, Sibling
  • Viietnam remember our fallen

    Muffle The Drums! Muffle the drums! Let the bugles blow Softly their music, this hallowed day! March with a reverent step, and slow, Homage to war's martyred heroes pay! Over the graves Of our Fallen braves, Low droops the flag, while a nation is weeping! Blow, bugles, blow, Softly and low, Over the graves where our blest dead are sleeping. Muffle the drums! 'Tis a sacred day! Hallowed and honored its memory keep. Naught but love's tokens we bring, to lay Over our fallen sleep. Blow, bugles, blow, Softly and low While fairest flowers love's hand is here strewing, Over the graves Of a nation's braves... Over the sod which our tears are bedewing. Muffle the drums! on steep mountain heights, Down in the valleys, in air, oversea, Thundered the guns through wild days and nights, Spilling the lifeblood for you and for me. Charging brigades Meet flashing blades, Stern was the contest on battlefields gory! Sleep, heroes, sleep, O'er land and deep Thine was the conflict and thine be the glory! (c)

    Karen A. Hickman, Sister to Cpl. Thomas Steven Hickman