Kaplan stanley

PFC Stanley Norman Kaplan

  • Branch: Army
  • Hometown/City: Boston, MA
  • Date of Birth: 07-12-1925
  • Date of Death: 10-11-1944
  • Conflict: WWII
  • Unit: 104th Infantry - E Company
  • Port/Base:

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  • Kaplan  stanley

    As a young man, Stanley Kaplan was very active in the Boy Scouts; attaining the rank of Eagle Scout and serving as a Boy Scout leader during his senior year of high school. One of the most memorable stories of Stanley as a Boy Scout leader occurred when he took his Scouts on a camping trip. The children were playing with matches and one of the Scouts lit another child on fire. When Stanley tried to put the fire out by rolling the child in the dirt, he caught fire himself. He burned his uniform in the process and had to wear the burnt uniform for the remainder of the trip. He was content knowing he possibly saved the child's life.

    During World War II, Stanley did not wait to be drafted– he volunteered. Before he shipped out, at a family dinner in Miami, Stanley was asked why he had enlisted in the Army. His response: "Because I am a Jew."

    He was stationed in Bezange-la-Petite, France.

    During the fighting, Stanley saw one of his friends get hit by enemy fire and ran to his aid. In the process of trying to help his friend, Stanley was shot and killed. Every soldier in his unit had a different version of the story – some said he was killed instantly, some said he was still alive- but no one knew where he was or where he was buried. After more than a year of Stanley's family searching for his body, the Army found a small graveyard at a farmhouse near where he had been stationed. Stanley's body was identified by the Boy Scout identification card he always kept in his pocket.