Adkison  james

Seaman 1c James Dillon Adkison

  • Branch: Navy
  • Hometown/City: Lubbock , TX
  • Date of Birth: 04-17-1920
  • Date of Death: 12-07-1941
  • Conflict: WWII
  • Unit: USS Arizona
  • Port/Base: Pearl Harbor Naval Base

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  • Uss arizona band

    Only moments before they were poised to play the crisp notes of the “Star-Spangled Banner,” Navy Band No. 22 found itself amidst an unprecedented event – an aerial attack on an American naval base. Sirens blared through the air and the bandmembers dropped their instruments to join their fellow sailors in the defensive and retaliatory efforts against the Japanese. The 21 musicians manned their battle stations, where they implemented their training as ammunition handlers, and ferried gunpowder up to Turret No. 2.

    Before long, Japanese fire focused on the turret and at approximately 0809, a fourth bomb penetrated the armor plating next to Turret No. 2. The Arizona began to sink, taking with her 1,177 sailors, including the USS Arizona band, members of the Navy’s only ensemble to have formed, trained, and eventually died together while in service.

    “The Fate of the USS Arizona Band.” Visit Pearl Harbor, 29 Mar. 2017, Accessed March 30, 2021.,
  • Adkison  james

  • Adkison  james memorial

    S1 James Adkison is memorialized at the Honolulu Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii.