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Capt. Brandon L. Cyr

  • Branch: Air Force
  • Hometown/City: Shilo, IL
  • Date of Birth:
  • Date of Death: 04-27-2013
  • Conflict: Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Unit: 906th Air Refueling Squadron
  • Port/Base: Scott Air Force Base, IL

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  • Man hard to believe it's been a year already. How I miss having you walk in my office flashing that million dollar smile. And my teasing you by always jumping up to the position of attention with a hardy Sir yes Sir!!! Only to have you give me that look that only you can give and say "Eddie. Come on dude. We're peers bro." RIP brother. Miss you.

    Eddie Smith, Fellow War Fighter
  • From the days of being your Wingman at UPT finding the best lunch locations for out and backs in the midwest, to finding ourselves flying recon in the 12 over Afghanistan, one thing remained consistent...we still knew how to keep a smile on our faces through it all. Here are some of your last words you sent to me when you were headed to Beale (Prelude...Brandon had sent me BWW wings sauce and made everyone's day on wing night in Afghanistan...These are brandon's words>>> "Glad you got it okay! I leave for Beale next week. Dude what's up with these OCPs being "one size fits five?" Smalls are way too small, and mediums are way too big!" Brandon had a knack to fill peoples lives with laughter, sincerity, and that will always be missed, but never forgotten. Some days I look out the window at 22,000 feet and wonder if your still flying in formation position just like ol' times, just with a different set of wings.

    Cory Kil, Fellow War Fighter
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    How could one really say just how they feel when someone you adore and love is suddenly gone. We our never really ready when a loved one leaves this world into the next. This I do know. There is always so much you would like to say And so much more you want to do. I would love to turn back time and really savor every moment and remember every little conversation. But we can't. What I can do is remember that sweet smile, the big hugs and the many times we laughed together at so many odd things. Brandon was a hero, this is for sure, but he was also so much more! He was a sweet boy that I watched grow from a baby in his mothers belly to a handsome young man who loved his family and friends so dearly . Every moment spent with Brandon was a gift. He truly was a great example to my children and he can never be replaced and his spirit forever missed in this family. I will always love and miss my sweet Brando. I will forever carry you in my heart until I hug you again . Aunt Linda

    Linda Tidaback, Aunt
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    My cousin Brandon was someone i always looked up to growing up. He would always sleep in my room with me when he would come visit growing up. I always looked forward to it because he would tell me the best stories and it was good one on one time with him. One thing he would never let me do is go to sleep without doing push-ups and sit-ups with him. He always pushed me to be the best I could be and to never give up on anything. I miss him so much everyday. He has left an imprint on each and every person that he met because that's just the amazing kind if guy he was. Their isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about him. He will be forever missed and will always be my hero. Love you Brandon

    Tony Tidaback, First Cousin
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    A father and son always has a unique relationship. For us, we had a very strong bond. Brandon felt that he never wanted to compete with others for risk of showing them up. I always thought that Brandon did his own thing because he didn't want to compete with me. One time I finally got him to come play softball with me and he showed off his bazooka arm by rifling a few tosses from the right field fence all the way home - on the fly. He also hit two home runs that game. He always impressed me with this ability and aptitude, while our bond grew through his calls home for military advice. It didn't take long for me to realize that he was so much more that the run of the mill airmen. I knew that he would go much further in his career than I ever could. His career ended as an Air Force Captain, yet his influence has exponentially expanded well beyond his squadron and wing colleagues. He is obviously a hero in my eyes, but he will soon have two scholarships named after him that will make him a hero in the eyes of many more! We will never forget!!!

    Phillip Cyr, Father
  • There are no words to describe how much I miss you everyday! You have made the ultimate sacrifice, and I thank you every day for being the true "American Hero!" You are an amazing person, and your page shows how many people have been truly inspired by you.

    Retha Plummer, Friend