Dad drill sgt


  • Branch: Army
  • Hometown/City: PHILADELPHIA, PA
  • Date of Birth: 01-08-1935
  • Date of Death: 04-29-1969
  • Conflict: Vietnam
  • Unit:
  • Port/Base:

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  • Dear Daddy, There isn't a day that I don't think of you and love you. I carry your name with pride and know there is no one that I would want more as a father than you. You fought for what you believed in. You loved your country,your men and the Army. I want you to know that your story will be passed on even after I am gone. The song applies that Heaven needed a hero just like you. You were brave enough to stand up for what you believed in. I now understand more about you and hope that you are proud of me.

    Love Your Daughter Krysteen

    How has the loss of your parent impacted your family?
    For me, it is the emptiness in my heart that will never be filled. There is nothing that will replace him as long as I live. He has a part of my heart that no one will ever have.
    What are some memorable lessons your parent taught you?
    My father taught me never to give up even when things seem hopeless. He has shown me how strong I am. His good heart and perseverance has made me realize how much I am like him. To live life to the fullest and experience all life has to offer.
    What did you love most about your parent?
    He stood up for what he believed in. He never gave up and took pride in being a good soldier. He was protective of his men and was out on the front line with them until the end. He was a loving man who will be remembered for his good heart and his positive attitude even in a bad situation. I love looking at pictures and in most he is smiling.
    What did your parent bring to your family?
    He brought a sense of pride- to believe in one's self and country. He has brought to my life a love that I don't think anyone can understand.
    What did your parent enjoy most about serving in the military?
    If I had to say one thing about him is that he made sure his men knew they were in good hands. He took care of them being the oldest and trained them to handle any situation that they would come upon. He enjoyed being part of the Army family.
    What do you miss most about your parent?
    I miss his smile. I miss all the times we should have experienced together. The father/daughter dance, him walking me down the aisle at my wedding. The idea of him being a grandfather.It is all the times we would have had if he had lived. Him holding my hand, the hugs and kisses I never will have again. I wish I could feel his arms around me and hear his voice.
    What has been the greatest challenge since the loss of your parent?
    Being able to have people understand what it is like to lose a parent to war and the pain that never stops. To not have that father influence in my life. Going on without him and not having him there to be by my side at the important parts of my life.
    What message would you like to share with families with a loved one still serving in the military?
    Please do not take your family member for granted. Know that they need your support and love. Get to know them and remember they are human.
    What message would you like to share with other Gold Star families?
    That we have all suffered a loss that only we can understand but that we are the best of these men/women who fought and died for us and our country. They were special people and unique in many ways and it is our job to make sure that they are not forgotten.
    What was your parent’s relationship like with you?
    From what I was told, that he was happy having a daughter and wanted to return to be a good father.

    Krysteen Hamilton Wescott, Child