• Branch: Marines
  • Hometown/City: MORENO VALLEY, CA
  • Date of Birth: 02-27-1983
  • Date of Death: 07-09-2003
  • Conflict: Operation Iraqi Freedom

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  • Jason was my oldest child.first of 6 kids he is the one who made me mommy. Jason was great to have around. he loved to joke around I remember the last Fathers day he was home he spent all day looking for something for his dad he finnaly got home in a very nice box was a bra a very big bra he made his dad put it on and then started to spray him with silly string. when everything was done he went to his dad shook his hand gave him a hug and said thanks for being a great man and dad. Jason also had a temeper when he would play video games he would lay on the floor if he lost or the game didnt go his way he would beat on the floor very loudly. this would bug his dad and I alot so one night dad took the game away put it in our room and we went to bed about 3 minutes pasted and Jason was at our door asking for the game dad said no so the little joker stayed at our door for the next 45 minutes singing Billy ray's achy breaky heart in the voice of an old oriental man. His dad and I couldnt stop laughing and yes he got the game back.Jason was very smart in school and that was the reason he joined the Marines. He knew he could finish collage no problem he wanted a chalange he played football for 7 years so he picked the hardest branch the US MARINE CORPS he joined the summer of 2000 in between his junior and senior years of high school. he was told by his counslor from school with his test scores and grades he could get Jason into a 4 year collage no problem but Jason said dont waste your time I want the Marines. He left for bootcamp on Fathers day 2001 he graduated sept 14 2001. He was stationed at Twentynine palms Ca about 45 minutes from home. He came home every chance he got. He loved haveing a big family spending time with his 1 sister and 4 brothers. He showed his dad and myself alot of respect. I remember we found out he was smoking he would eat and then he would say be back in a minute moms. His freinds and him would get in the car drive around the corner to smoke. Its funny the day he died he sent everyone pics one set for mom and dad one set for his friends. but some how he got them mixed up we got the ones for his friends. after he died we showed his friends the pics and they were upset he didnt want us to know he was smoking we told his friends we knew for almost a year. The last time his dad and I saw Jason was the night before he left. He didnt want to go into the house because he had just gotten the smallpox and anthrax shots and he didnt want to be around the kids with it so his dad and I went outside to see him. we talked for about 15 minutes when he went to leave he wouldnt hug us because of the shots he shook his dads hand and then he grabed my face bent my head down and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Its funny because when I saw him in the caseket I did the same thing.Weve come to realize just what kind of person Jason was he had friends from all different walks of life. He never really had a best friend if you were his friend you were his best friend all of them. he never judged someone by their color or how much money they had. As all his friends have told us if Jason liked you then he loved you and he would do anything for you no questions asked.We all miss him we all love him dearly. I said something 8 years ago and I truley mean it i was blessed to have Jason in my life for 20 years I wouldnt change anything he wasnt perfect by no means but thats what made him a GREAT SON.

    Mary Carriere, Mother