• Branch: Army
  • Hometown/City: CARRINGTON, ND
  • Date of Birth: 08-18-1940
  • Date of Death: 08-15-1967
  • Conflict: Vietnam
  • Unit:
  • Port/Base:

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    Killed in action, 15 August 1967, near
    Cu Chi, South Vietnam, aged 26 years.
    Interment: West Point Cemetery, West Point, New York

    "One of God's Saints has come and gone and richer is the world which he passed through." These words, written by an Army chaplain and close friend of David's, epitomize the regard for David of all who knew him. David was a big man, not only physically, but mentally, morally, and spiritually as well. The strength which his outer form so forcefully displayed was only a picture of his inner strength of character.

    David was born 18 August 1940, in Valley City, North Dakota. He was the youngest of six children born to John and Gladys Bujalski, and soon acquired the family nickname of "Little David." Little David outgrew his nickname by outgrowing his brothers and sisters. The development of his character kept pace with his physical growth, and he became a cheerful, friendly, loveable young giant.

    David's faith in God manifested itself in his early teens. He spent his last three years of high school at St. John's High, Collegeville, Minnesota, preparing for the priesthood. During his senior year, he decided he did not have a religious vocation. He continued for two more years at St. John's University, majoring in physics. While at St. John's, one of David's brothers was at West Point and another at the Air Force Academy. David was deeply impressed with the influence these schools had on his brothers and with the work his brothers were doing.

    David entered West Point in July 1960 and adapted readily to Academy life. He earned the respect and admiration of his classmates through his unselfish giving of time and effort in academic coaching, his active participation in extra-curricular activities and his own academic achievements. During his second year, he met Barbara, a student at Ladycliff College.

    David graduated and was commissioned in the Artillery on 3 June 1964. Three days later he and Barbara were married in the Cadet Catholic Chapel. Elizabeth Marie was born 28 July 1965, in Munich, Germany, where David and Barbara were stationed after graduation. In June 1966, they moved to Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where David was Commander of C Company, lst Battalion, lst Combat Support Training Brigade. He transferred to the Corps of Engineers in June 1967, and shortly thereafter left for Vietnam. David felt he had a duty to go there, that since we were there, we had a job to do. On 15 August 1967, eight days after his arrival in Vietnam, David fell victim to a sniper's bullet while performing a helicopter-borne road reconnaissance mission. Kathleen Anne was born 26 September 1967, in New York.

    David was awarded the Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart (posthumous) for his deeds in Vietnam. On 27 March 1968, a sports field at Fort Huachuca was dedicated "Bujalski Field," in honor of David. A stone monument, with a memorial plaque on top, was constructed by the men in his former company.

    Throughout his military career, as a cadet and as an officer, David developed at a tremendous rate. The friendly young giant from North Dakota became a dedicated, skillful, highly qualified officer. In the words of his First Sergeant at Fort Huachuca, "He was revered by his cadre, loved by his students, and respected by his superiors.

    David's life was too short for him to have reached his full potential. We can only conjecture as to what he would have achieved, but we do know that he influenced the lives of those who knew him. David's deeds had very little effect on a troubled world; however, we will never know to what extent his effect on his contemporaries influenced great deeds yet to be performed. We can only pray that some day peace will come and stay in our world, and that all men will be as friendly and helpful to others as was that man from North Dakota.

    ~~ his brother

    Today, David would be very proud of his three beautiful granddaughters (Sara, Anna and Julia) and three handsome grandsons (David, Tommy and Jonathan).

    David's name on the Vietnam Memorial is at Panel 24E, Line 112.

    Jack Bujalski, Sibling